EDTECH 597 Passport to AppDevelopment

(Originally Posted September 15, 2012) Apple or Android? After four years of using an iPhone, I recently entered the Android world and, like the iWorld I had just left behind, found tens of thousands of apps promising myriad ways to entertain, invest, organize,educate, and change my life. The difference is that in this world, I am a successful designer with my very own QR code leading to my very own Pocket-Kitty app HelloPurrApp. After an easy setup on my phone and computer, I was able to develop the original app in 15 minutes. Not satisfied with that, I envisioned an animated app – and I had the two pictures to make it happen. Several hours and coffees later, I determined that I don’t yet have the necessary skill set to do what I want it to, but persistence and dedication will smile on me and I will push out my first app upgrade.
Once I completed the app assignment, I began thinking of ways I could create an app for my adult Emergency Medical Technician Course. Would it be an app that provides normal vital sign ranges for different age and body sizes or might it be a complex app that records all the activities performed in a certain time frame. No matter what I choose, one thing remains. I use Android.


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