EDTECH 501: New Beginnings

With a master’s degree in human resource training and development and undergrad degrees in both business management and education, I contemplate what the heck I am doing adding the voluminous work of another graduate program to my already busy schedule.  The answer lies in the changing landscape of technology. It seems no matter how much I learn, there is always more to know in my role as IT coordinator for a small district with a demand for up to date technology to provide its students a quality and competitive education, and a budget that is unable to support more than one staff member to cover all aspects of instructional, network, and management technologies.

I am working towards a higher goal, but have decided to pursue the M.E.T. before continuing on for the Ed.D.  I am approaching my 50th birthday, and I feel somewhat of an anomaly in the tech world – but here I am, and looking forward to learning with my younger colleagues.


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